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 1. Intro
We all know that there are multiple types of women that you can pick up. In the nightclub environment, I have categorized these into three different types: the bored sets, the occupied sets, and what I like to call high velocity sets. The bored sets are girls that are just standing around staring and waiting on someone to talk to them. These sets are perfect for new guys, and are the main targets of every guy in the bar, as they seem very approachable and will listen to almost anything you say.

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The occupied sets are sets that you should avoid at all costs. These aren’t necessarily girls that are busy talking to each other, but rather, girls that appear to be in a deep conversation. Some guys assume that since these girls appear to be chit-chatting, that they’re the perfect sets to approach, since they usually travel in packs of two or three. Occupied sets are also sets with their backs completely to you. To go in on someone from behind is just stupid. Interrupt an occupied set, and you will most likely get either weird looks, or an unfriendly reception.

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 The best sets to approach
Now what are the best sets to approach? High velocity sets. These aren’t necessarily the easiest sets to approach, but these sets yield the greatest rewards should you successfully approach them. And notice that I said that they are the best sets to approach, and not the easiest. They aren’t the easiest sets for most men because they require you to come in with a lot of energy, and to keep that energy flowing for a period of time. If you approach these sets with low energy, or with just one line in mind, you will either be ignored, or they will quickly lose interest in you. Not only that, but you can’t come at them with long-winded routines and stories.

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 The sets
With these sets, you have to already be in a high energy state, and you have to have enough short, high energy type stuff in mind to keep that energy flowing if you don’t want them to start ignoring you. The best things about these sets? You will get a lot of compliance, be able to do a lot of kino, negs will be much more effective, and you’ll be able to escalate the interaction very rapidly. These are the types of sets that you’ll find laughing a lot, or dancing on the dance floor.

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 High velocity sets
So why are high velocity sets better than bored sets? With bored sets, you have to bring up their energy levels to get them going to get a lot of compliance, kino, and rapid escalation. And bored sets don’t take negging as well as high velocity sets do. With high velocity sets, you will actually hit the ground running and be where it would have taken a fair amount of time for bored sets to be. With bored sets, they tend to be more logical about things, but with high velocity sets, they tend to let their emotions take over.

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 High energy state
So why are high velocity sets this way? They don’t want to break that energy state and will do whatever it takes not to leave it. What this means is that if a guy approaches them trying to be all smooth, they will ignore him; they will most likely laugh at your negs; they will let you do a lot of kino; and in general they will be a little wilder and do things that they wouldn’t normally do if they were being logical about things. In other words, they are more willing to just let their emotions take over. Think about it; when you are in a high energy state, you find yourself just reacting a lot more, instead of being logical about things.

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 Final Words
The next time you’re out, and you see these big sets of women laughing and/or dancing, approach them, and approach them with high energy. Speed up and intensify all of your moves, and you will find yourself getting the results that would have taken quite awhile on the lower energy women that most men tend to approach.

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